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Our Ministries



Our Dig In program guides children to new discoveries about God, creating a firm and comprehensive foundation of faith to last a lifetime. There is a really big difference between knowing about someone and really knowing them personally, we strive to help kids develop a genuine, growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Our Dig In group meets the first and third Wednesday’s of the month at 5:30pm. This program is organized by Rose Rodhe. 


Our youth group meets every Sunday evening at 6pm in the back Arts Thereafter building on the church campus.  We share our  experiences and walk with Christ with the high school students in our church. We love getting together to build wholehearted relationships with Jesus and connections with each other. If you are in high school or a young adult-we would love for you to join us!   Brandon Phelps leads this wonderful group.

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Color Pencils


Do you love coloring? Bring the calming effects of coloring to your quiet time with God’s word. We have a group who meets on Thursday’s just to color! There are coloring bibles you can purchase with hundreds of inspiring verses ready to color and perfect for all ages. It is a wonderful way to spend time meditating on God’s word as you color in the scriptures.



Do you love to sing? Come share your love of singing with us.  Singing God's praises together is a wonderful way to connect with the Lord.   The wonderful music and lovely voices you hear on Sunday are organized by Mr. Timothy Hearn.

See you soon!

Woman with Bible


The spiritual growth of Christians is very important to us. We offer a Bible Study class to help equip you on your lifelong journey with God. We will read many passages of scriptures and discuss their meanings and how to translate them into real life. 

Please join Deacon Dorothy every Wednesday at 1pm in the sanctuary.

Healing Hearts

When God calls His children Home-it's wonderful for that person. However, that loss is hard for the family and friends left behind. 

If you are going through this, our Bereavement Committee known as Healing Hearts is there for you.  Please email so that we can help you with your needs.


St. Luke and St. Peters Church offers a class on the history of Christianity and the late and present church. Our class begins with a look at Christian prehistory, which is an attempt to show how ancient cultures impact on the Bible and Judeo-Christian traditions. We'll also look at the beginnings of Christianity and how it evolved during the Apostolic Age, continuing through the Church in the second and third centuries. You do not have to have any prior knowledge of any of these subjects, we welcome questions, comments, disputes and arguments. Please contact Richard Fifield to take part in this class!  This class is happening now after the 930am service. We hope you join us!

Writing Letters


We believe that greeting cards are a personal expression, a tool for communication, and a means for building relationships. Our card ministry hand makes each of the cards they send out to you. Sending and receiving a card is so exciting because the sharing of a card opens a little window in each person’s heart - both the receiver and the sender!

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